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American Voices: SCWK


Date: 9/23//2022 

From: Adam Frank, Producing Artistic Director 

Contact:, (501) 908-9990 (cell) 



Ozark Living Newspaper Theatre Company (OLN) will present “American Voices: Shepherd, Chaikin, Wilson, Kushner,” a collection of short pieces by influential but rarely produced American playwrights Sam Shephard (with Chaikin), August Wilson, and Tony Kushner. The production will run for two weeks: October 14-16 and 20-23 at New Deal Studio and Gallery, 2003 South Louisiana. Curtain is 7:30 PM, with the exception of the two Sunday matinees, which begin at 2:00 PM. 


Producing Artistic Director Adam Frank, who is s directing Shephard’s one-act play “Chicago” and a scene from Kushner’s Angels in America, Part I, notes that “each of these playwrights is deeply concerned with all the ways a human being can love, from the ugliest love to the most sublime.” In the “directors squad” style OLN first tried with last year’s production of short works by Harold Pinter, Frank is joined by two other directors. Steven Jones will direct the Shephard/Chaikin collaboration “Savage/Love” and Keith Harper will direct August Wilson’s short play “The Janitor” and a scene from his Pulitzer Prize-winning Fences. Jones, who is also an OLN Board member, notes “‘Savage/Love’ is a unique collection of dramatized poems about moments in the spell of love that will be recognized by anyone who has been similarly struck with the universal emotion.” Commenting on what is arguably Wilson’s best-known play, Harper adds that “Fences takes us on a journey of deceit, loss, and redemption. Some people build fences to keep people out and other people build fences to keep people in.” 

The ensemble cast includes Robin Overton, Verda Davenport, Abby Jo Windsor, Denzel Hayes, Jermaine McClure, Taylor LeRon, Chad Fulmer, Chase Taggart, and Heather Dupree. Samantha Pearce stage manages.


Established as a tax-exempt non-profit theatre company in 2017, OLN’s mission is to present original, devised stories and classic works of the stage to engage artists, audience members, and community leaders in thoughtful discussion and effective action regarding the important issues of the day. OLN also supports local arts groups and nonprofits through creative partnerships.


“American Voices” is the first live production the company has mounted since receiving a $25,000 Capacity for Equity grant from the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation (WRF). WRF exists to relentlessly pursue economic, educational, social, ethnic, and racial equity for all Arkansans. Governor Winthrop Rockefeller’s commitment, courage, and collaboration created systemic change in Arkansas. This is the legacy WRF was founded on more than 45 years ago and the inspiration for AR Equity 2025. WRF envisions an equitable Arkansas in which all Arkansans have jobs that pay a livable wage, a quality education, and the chance to thrive and prosper. For more information on the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, visit

For more about Ozark Living Newspaper Theatre Company, see


For further information about “American Voices: Shepherd, Chaikin, Wilson, Kushner,” please contact Adam Frank at or at (501) 908-9990.


Theatre of the Air Episode #3:"Monte Ne"


KABF 88.3 Voice of the People

Sundays at 4:00 PM starting June 1st


"The Southern Front" is Episode #2 of Theatre of the Air, OLN's ongoing social justice radio theatre series on KABF 88.3 - The Voice of the People. We are proud to partner on this episode with Tony Orr at Arkansas Local 100 United Labor Unions on a program that combines interviews, union songs, and dramatizations of key historical events in Arkansas's labor history.


"The Southern Front" was created by

Denise Donnell, Adam Frank, John Handcox, Toney Orr, Matt Patton, Charley Sandage, and Andy Vaught.


"The Southern Front" includes the voices of  Danielle Carney, Crystal Mercer, Denise Donnell, Heather Dupree Adam Frank, John Handcox, Derek Holcomb, Victoria Lee, Toney Orr, Matt Patton, Essence Simon'e, Charley Sandage, and Andy Vaught.


The show was co-produced by Andy Vaught and Omaya Jones and sound engineered by Omaya Jones with support from David Sandage.


Special thanks to the KABF 88.3, the Voice of the People, the Jones Insurance Agency, and The Southern Tenant Farmers Union Museum. To support OLN and Theatre of the Air, please hit the "Donate" button at the top of the page.



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