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Theatre of the Air Episode #2:

"The Southern Front"

KABF 88.3 Voice of the People
Sundays at 4:00 PM starting January 16th



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"The Southern Front" is Episode #2 of Theatre of the Air, OLN's ongoing social justice radio theatre series on KABF 88.3 - The Voice of the People. We are proud to partner on this episode with Tony Orr at Arkansas Local 100 United Labor Unions on a program that combines interviews, union songs, and dramatizations of key historical events in Arkansas's labor history.


"The Southern Front" was created by

Denise Donnell, Adam Frank, John Handcox, Toney Orr, Matt Patton, Charley Sandage, and Andy Vaught.


"The Southern Front" includes the voices of  Danielle Carney, Crystal Mercer, Denise Donnell, Heather Dupree Adam Frank, John Handcox, Derek Holcomb, Victoria Lee, Toney Orr, Matt Patton, Essence Simon'e, Charley Sandage, and Andy Vaught.


The show was co-produced by Andy Vaught and Omaya Jones and sound engineered by Omaya Jones with support from David Sandage.


Special thanks to the KABF 88.3, the Voice of the People, the Jones Insurance Agency, and The Southern Tenant Farmers Union Museum. To support OLN and Theatre of the Air, please hit the "Donate" button at the top of the page.



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